- Latonia R.

I thank GOD for you Prophet Carn. You called me by my name "Latonia". It was about my marriage and you told me that the enemy was after my 20 year marriage, but GOD would bless me through my husband and you called out his first name and our last name and that we will blessed under my married name "Robinson", which I didn’t previously go by. I want to testify that we have been so blessed by your word from Jesus.

- Vicki D.

In March 2017 Prophet Carn told me he saw me in the hospital and my name on a chart as having a stroke. He stated I should be glad he came to Newport News, VA because the plan of the enemy against me was cancelled by the Lord. No one knew for about 3 to 4 weeks prior to the service, that while repeatedly assisting my husband who was recovering from surgery and constantly falling, I was having extreme heart palpitations. Also while picking up my husband, I became dizzy and fatigued. I thought I was passing out. God is faithful, and over a year later I am healed by only having a visitation from Dr. Jesus! Thank You Lord, so glad I believed the report of the Lord!

- Douglas N.

The last time Prophet Carn was in Jackson, MS, I sowed a $1000.00 seed for a house. I have a testimony that soon after, God blessed me with a two-story house!!

- Rosa P.

Between 2006 or 2008 at the Showers of Blessings, I told my daughter to take me to Noon Day Prayer with Prophet Carn. My eye doctor made an appointment for me to see a specialist and I was told I was going blind. During the Noon Day Prayer, all Prophet Carn did was blew in my face. When I went to the appointment, the specialist said he did not see what the other doctor was talking about!

- Anne T.

On January 15, 2015 at United Nation Church in Richmond VA, I had many requests written down to the Lord asking Him to call me by name (because I was so skeptical about prophets before I met Prophet Carn) and to say something about the house my husband and I were trying to buy (because there were many obstacles surrounding the purchase of the house). Jesus became so real to me that day because He used Prophet Carn to call me by name and to tell me that He would remove every obstacle hindering my husband and I to buy the house. I received the prophecy and applied Joshua 6:3-5. On February 2, 2015, Jesus gave us the house in such a smooth way! Every obstacle we were facing was removed one by one. I still praise Him for coming down to me.

-Keeley J.

Prophet Carn visited our church KICC in London in May 2018 and prophesied over myself and my husband. In particular he spoke about division in my family. I had not spoken to my Mother and my younger Sister for nearly a year due to the fact I was recently married and they are not saved or born again in the spirit so find it difficult to understand the translation of being single and then being under submission of the husband. This was a huge factor in my disagreement with my family as they do not understand this isn't a natural thing that I abide by it is a God thing! This caused me so much pain and upset as I was close to my Mum and Sister since my Father’s suicide some years before. The man of God laid hands on me and prophesied that God was attacking everything that is causing division in my family! (As well as many other things). Praise God since then I am back in touch with my family, my Mum & Sister, and I couldn't be happier! Glory to God and thank you Prophet Carn!

- Kristin E.

At the Prophetic Encounter in St. Louis, MO on June 10, 2016, Prophet Carn spoke into my life. He spelled and called out my last name. He spoke regarding a position on my job that I wanted but there was a door closed. Prophet also called my first name and told me God said the struggle is over and to pack my bags because God is going to give me a position. Only God and my parents knew about my job situation. I did exactly as he instructed. I packed my bag and filled out an application with the government. No experience, no qualifications, but I had a message from the Prophet. Four months later I received an email offering me a position with the U.S Government, no interview!!! I accepted and God blessed tremendously!

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